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Open kitchen. Халва из манки

Автор: Маргарита Марфенко

                                                                               Semolina Halva

                                                                                 With Helen Kovtun
Hello there! Today we cook with Helen -Yappi administrator and a very beautiful person inside and out. 
Here we go, Lenten recipe as promised in previous blog.
Halva—the kind made with semolina—is one of my favorite Greek desserts (it might actually be Turkish in origin). I get to eat it just a few times a year, and every time I make it somehow new. This year I added banana and it tasted wonderful because it became even more moist. 
Semolina is used in various forms in various cuisines. In North Western Europe and North America, Semolina is served as a dessert, boiled in milk. Italians use semolina while making gnocchi and pasta. It is sprinkled over the recipe to avoid sticking.  

Interesting facts about SEMOLINA:
1. Made from durum wheat, Semolina digests slowly making you feel full for a longer duration of time.
2. Thanks to its potassium content, Semolina improves kidney function. 
3. Semolina is a good source of several B-Complex vitamins [thiamine, folate] and Vitamin E, which help to support your metabolism and in building the immune system of the body. 
4. It is rich in minerals, such as phosphorus, zinc and magnesium which help strengthen the bones and improves the nervous system. 
5. It is a quick and nourishing source of energy. 
6. It is rich in iron. 
7. Semolina contains gluten, which makes it unsafe for those suffering from celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. 





milled product of durum wheat

 Манка, пшеничная мука грубого помола


convert food into absorbable substances

переваривать пищу


characteristic of physical or moral well being



protein substance that remains when starch is removed from cereal grains


celiac disease

digestive disorder in children or adults

глютеновая болезнь,целиакия

Semolina Halva

Semolina - 1 cup
Coconut flakes- 1cup
Oil – ½ cup
Baking powder – 1 tsp
Banana- 1(big)
Sugar -1 cup
Lemon juice – 3 tbsp
Rose water (for flavor)-1 tsp
Water - 1 ½  cup
Anise star (бадьян)
orange zest (1/2 tsp)
How to:
1. Preheat the oven to 180C
2. Mash banana with ½ cup sugar
3. Add coconut flakes, Semolina, baking powder and salt.
4. Pour ½ water and ½ oil. Mix well.
5. Butter the baking mold and pour the semolina dough in it. Put on 170C  for 20min
6. When ready, cool the semolina halva and cut it on cubes. 

7. Make sugar syrup by mixing1 cup water, ½ cup sugar, 3 tsp lemon juice and rose water. I also like to add anise star and orange zest. Heat for 2 min until all the sugar is crystallized. 
8. Pour the syrup on the ready made halva and let in soak for night.

Bon Appetite
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