Актуальные новости на английском с подробным переводом и объяснениями.

Top News. Вспоминая жизнь и музыку Би Би Кинга
Last week the world lost one of me most famous musicians on the previous century. B.B. King was a legend and inspiration for millions. CBS Evening News will help us to remember the life and music of the Blues King. Interesting information about B.B. King: His real name is Riley B. King. King was born…
ABC News: Черные медведи преследуют туристов в Йеллоустонском национальном парке
I’m sure you’ve been to the forests and parks on numerous picnics and other occasions. Did you ever think that you might be intruding into someone’s living room or bedroom? The fact that we usually don’t see animals in our forests doesn't mean that they don’t live there.…
Top News. Синко де Майо: краткая история
For our country the phrase “May Holidays” usually means first ten days of May even though we only celebrate May 1 and May 9. At the same time in the USA May 5 is also a holiday – Cinco de Mayo. Haven’t heard of it? Then watch its brief history from ABC News and find a reason…
Top News. 10 лет с выхода первого видео на YouTube
It seems absolutely normal to get on YouTube and start watching whatever you find there, including the news videos we watch every Tuesday. Did you know that a bit more than 10 years ago there was no possibility like that? So it was 10 years ago when the first YouTube video was uploaded. And CBS New…
Top News. Одиннадцать друзей Оушена в реальной жизни. Ограбление ювелирной лавки на 150 миллионов долларов
Even though we tend to believe that huge robberies are possible only in the movies, they do happen. And sometimes they are just like the ones we see in movies. Last week London’s jewelers were robbed of $150 million worth of jewelry. ABC News will tell us how it happened. Background information:…
Top News. Женщина из Флориды помогает пасхальному кролику
Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ; it is the oldest Christian holiday and one of the most important days of the year. But except its religious meaning, Western cultures also celebrate it as kids’ holiday with presents and chocolates. ABC News will tell us about the way one…
Top News. Борьба авиакомпаний за безопасность
Last week a huge tragedy did not only shock the whole world but also made everyone think how safe it is to fly. You never know who has a control over your plane after all. CBS explains in details about safety measures and pilots’ health checks in this story. Background information: Co-pilot –…
Top News. Солнечное затмение
Solar eclipse became last week’s “big thing”. It was in the news, all over the social networks and in the streets. The proportion of the sun covered by the moon was 84% in London, that’s why thousands of people went outside to see it. BBC will tell us what it was like. Fun facts…
Top News. Представлены Apple Watch. Будут ли они успешны?
After months of showing the pictures and video of a new and “amazing” Apple Watch, the public finally got to find out what it’s going to do. Joe Fryer from the NBC News will try to explain how it is different from other watches and why people need it. Background – names, organizations…
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