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Использование Used to/ Be used to/ Get used to
Sometimes, while speaking or doing some grammar tasks, you can get confused what to use: used to, be used to or get used to. Some people might think that three of them are the same and it is just another nuance in English language. Nevertheless, although these grammar structures may look similar, they…
Английская грамматика: Adjective modifiers (intensifiers)
Do you want to make your speech more intense and brighter? Does it bother you why you can’t say very awful? Don’t stop reading this article and you will clear it out! Adjective modifiers, also called intensifiers, are words which are placed before adjectives to give additional detail and…
Passive for distancing (for Advanced level): правила употребления
Not so long ago some students from advanced level in Green Forest faced a challenge of learning Passive voice for distancing. As a teacher and friend of advanced level students, I’ve decided to share their burden and highlight this topic once again. So, what is Passive for distancing and what…
To be и другие глаголы в Present Simple (for lower levels)
Hey-hey, our dearest English-learners! Если у вас до сих пор возникает вопрос почему нельзя сказать I am work, чи We are play? Тогда вам к нам в гости! Не один раз на своем тичерськом пути встречалась я с удивлением в глазах студентов, когда исправляла очередное She is like coffee, или They aren´t…
Collective nouns: правила и примеры
Hello guys! Today I will tell you about some special words called collective nouns. Which sentence is correct? My family has dinner together every Sunday. My family have dinner every day. Actually, both! But why? Let’s find out… So, there are some words that can be and singular, and plural…
Phrasal verbs: грамматика
Hello, my dear readers! Last time I told you about dependent prepositions (depend on, listen to). But sometimes, there are prepositions which completely change the meaning of the verb itself! What does “fall” mean? What does “out” mean? Well, and do you know what “fall…
Английская грамматика: Must-know prepositions
Hello, my dear readers! Tell me, do you listen to music every day? Why can’t I say “listen music” or “listen at music” or “listen on music”? Because we say “listen to”. But why? – you will ask me. Because there are some prepositions that we…
Английская грамматика: Quantifiers
Good day to you :) A little preface: It’s all in the amount. So how can we talk about the amount of something in English? Last time we discussed some/any and much/many and how we should use them with countable and uncountable nouns. This time we’ll learn some more sophisticated quantifiers…
Английская грамматика: Some/any, much/many
Всех с новым семестром! Пришло время нам вновь встретиться  А для новых читателей – welcome! Надеюсь этот блог будет для вас полезным! Итак, на этой неделе мы рассматриваем вопрос «сколько». - если вы сейчас выглядите так, этот блог для вас! Сколько сахара ты добавляешь в чай? Сколько…
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