Полезные фразы на английском на каждый день.

Как говорить "Thank you"
There are so many things people do for us. And what we should never forget to do in return is to say “thank you”. Sometimes words are enough, sometimes not. Но в любом случае они никогда не помешают. When we say "thank you” we make someone’s day better! So let’s learn…
Как советовать на английском
Imagine that your friend has a problem and you know how to help him/her. But that friend doesn’t understand Ukrainian and Russian! So what should you do? Here’s what: you should learn how to give advice in English! Phrases for giving advice: I think you should (do something)– думаю,…
Как приглашать куда-то на английском
Whenever we have a party or just want to go out with our friends for a drink at a bar, we need to invite people to join us. So how can we do that? Phrases for inviting: Would you like to + verb-1 ...? – Не хотел(и) бы вы(ты)...? How about V-ing...? – Как насчет...? I was wondering if you…
Как сказать на английском, что вам что-то не нравится
Last time we discussed how to talk about things we like. But what if we’re not always optimists and see life through rose-colored glasses? I think we should know how to say that we don’t like something, as well as that we like something! So this week I present to you phrases for dislikes:…
Как говорить о романтических отношениях на английском
Love is in the air…? I don’t know about you guys, but I truly believe that autumn is the best season of the year! Why? Lots of reasons! Romantic films, warm blankets, hot tea and dates! Romance is everywhere! So, let’s learn how to talk about love in English! How to describe your…
Как извиняться на английском языке
Here are some expressions and phrases you can use to say that you’re sorry: I’m really sorry! – Я правда очень сожалею. I would like to apologize. – Я хотел бы извиниться. Please forgive me. – Пожалуйста простите меня. I am so ashamed! – Мне так стыдно! Please don't…
Новогодние пожелания на английском
Do you fancy celebrating New Year & Christmas? What is your favourite part about this holiday? Is it receiving gifts or maybe presenting them along with a card where you write your sincerest congratulations and wish your nearest and dearest all the best? For more ideas of wishing in English use…
Обучающее видео - Everyday English. Describing your character.
Сможете без подготовки описать свой характер на английском языке? Мы точно знаем, что вы сможете это сделать после просмотра нового обучающего видео от Green Forest с носителями языка. В видео мы спросили их: How would you describe yourself? В своих ответах они использовали много полезных прилагательных…
Как спросить дорогу на английском
I love traveling, don't you? And GPS really helps us find the places we want when we travel! However, sometimes our phones’ batteries die, and we need to ask real people for directions. Almost anywhere you go, people will be ready to help you (if they understand you, that is). And if you want them to…
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