Vocabulary. 08.05.2014

Walk and work

Автор: Маша Миронова

Hi, everyone!
Did you know that there are special words called “homophones”? It has nothing to do with phones, if that’s what you thought. Homophones (омонимы)  are words which have absolutely the same pronunciation but different meanings. For example, if you write that you’re so board, people will misunderstand you, because you’re not a board made of wood from a tree, you’re bored, you’re not interested.

Can you find another example in the picture? I’ll give you a hint  – it also has something to do with trees…

There are also words which have almost the same pronunciation, but still sound a bit different. For example, if you say “I want buy this” – it’s incorrect, because you meant “I won’t buy this”. One sound can make a great difference.

So as not to make fools of ourselves and do everything right, let’s find out a little more about…


Walk and work

Это не омонимы, произносятся они по-разному. Однако в британском английском звучат они очень похоже.

Давайте разберемся!

You can watch this video and learn even more about the American pronunciation of these two words.

And if you want to learn more about the difference in British pronunciation, here you go - www.youtube.com

Разобрались с произношением.
Теперь что же это такое?
To work – работать. Work – работа.
To walk – ходить. A walk – прогулка.

Here are some phrases and expressions with “walk”:

  • Walk off with something – украсть, одержать легкую победу. He walked off with Jane’s phone. He walked off with three dollars in his pocket.
  • Walk away – уйти. Saying goodbye, he walked away.
  • Walk out on somebody – покинуть в беде, улизнуть. I was talking to him and he just walked out on me!
  • Is it close enough to walk? – туда можно дойти пешком? – Is the theater close enough to walk or do we need a taxi?


Вот фразы, которые полезно знать со словом “work”:

  • Work out – заниматься спортом. He looks so fit, I bet he works out.
  • Time works wonders – время творит чудеса. Time works wonders with a broken heart.
  • Things will work out – все будет хорошо. Cheer up, things will work out for you and Jane.
  • Dirty work – грязная работа. You’ll have to do your own dirty work!

Did you know that there’s a National Walk to Work Day in Australia?

And these ladies want to ______________ at the office, so they ________ while they ___________.
They don’t want their husbands to _______________ on them because they’re not slim, and they
believe that things will ___________.

Fill in the gaps with expressions and words from this rubric =)

Thanks for reading, take the time to walk to work today and feel this beautiful spring weather =)

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