Exams. 28.02.2012

TOEFL.cafe: some phrasals and economics

Автор: Таня Пекарчук
В магазине:
- У вас изюм есть?
- Нету.
- А булочки с изюмом есть?
- Есть.
- Ой, наковыряйте мне килограммчик!

Народна мудрість

В мові шекспіра, як в тих булочках, повно родзинок. І сьогодні мова піде про такі родзинки, як phrasal verbs. І хоч дехто полюбляє їх виколупувати і вживати жменями чи кілограмами, я все ж раджу не витягати їх з тіста.. ой, з контексту я мала на увазі! Я не претендую на статус вашого дієтолога.. просто досвід показує, що родзинки в булочках краще засвоюються :)

Про те, що таке phrasal verbs ви можете дізнатися тут . Та я все ж припускаю, що, коли сюди вас привела підготовка до TOEFL, то з природою phrasal verbs ви вже знайомі. Єдине, що залишається, практика їх вживання та розуміння.

Тож сьогодні ваша main dish легко засвоювана, зліплена мною із phrasal verbs, приправлена vocabulary із цих чудових phrasal verbs.



If you are checking out this post, you might be a future TOEFL test-taker. A test-taker is a person who takes a test, a future test-taker is a person who gets happy whenever he comes across a TOEFL preparation book and looks through every post of TOEFL.cafe, and who looks forward to getting this test over with, so the same evening he or she can finally hang out with friends in a bar.

While preparing for the reading section of TOEFL stay focused, and look up unknown words  in the dictionary only after the first reading of an entire article.
The exam preparation is not the end of the world, so stay in touch with your friends and catch up with them at least once a week.
And even if you like going out every day,  try not to stay up late on the day before exam in order to be OK on the day of the exam.



А тепер перевіримо, чи всі phrasals  ви правильно зрозуміли.

Vocabulary =  phrasal verbs:


  • To check out - to look at someone or something to see whether you like them
  • to come across smb/ smth - to meet someone, or to find something by chance
  • to look through - to read something quickly, especially to find the information you need
  • to look forward to smth or  +ing - to feel happy and excited about something that is going to happen
  • to get smth over with - to do something or allow something to happen, because you want it to be finished or you want to start something else
  • to hang out - to spend time in a particular place or with particular people
  • to look up - to try to find a particular piece of information by looking in a book or on a list, or by using a computer
  • to catch up with - to talk to someone you have not seen for some time and find out what they have been doing
  • to go out - to leave your house and go somewhere, especially to do something enjoyable
  • to stay up - to not go to bed

Діліться своїми прикладами використання вищезгаданих phrasal verbs в коментарях!



Детальніше про цей тип завдання читайте в одному з попередніх постів тут.

Сьогодні ми торкнемося теми економіки. A piece of article from wikipedia to start with.

Economic theory asserts that in a free market economy the market price reflects interaction between supply and demand: the price is set so as to equate the quantity being supplied and that being demanded. In turn these quantities are determined by the marginal utility of the asset to different buyers and to different sellers. In reality, the price may be distorted by other factors, such as tax and other government regulations.
When a commodity is for sale at multiple locations, the Law of one price is generally believed to hold. This essentially states that the cost difference between the locations cannot be greater than that representing shipping, taxes, other distribution costs etc. In the case of the majority of consumer goods and services, the distribution costs are quite a high proportion of the overall price, so the law may not be very useful. In practice it may well make economic sense to offer a product or service for sale at a higher price in a wealthy area than in a deprived area as the marginal utility of the asset for purchasers will be higher in the former.

повна версія лекції знаходиться на каналі MITOpenCourseWare Video 
або ж за адресою : http://youtu.be/Vss3nofHpZI
Now it's your turn:
Write a summary in connected English prose of important points made in the listening passage, and explain how these relate to the key points of the reading passage.

Надсилайте свої ессе на 300 слів на задану чи довільну тему за адресою toefl.cafe@gmail.com, і я з радістю почитаю та надішлю вам feedback. І ніяким чином не копіюватиму ваші ессе ні на сайті, ні де-інде.

Ну і на додачу до integrated writing,  в мене для вас є тема і на independent writing

How do movies or television influence people’s behavior? Use reasons
and specific examples to support your answer.

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