Vocabulary. 21.11.2013

Right and write

Автор: Маша Миронова

Hi, everyone!
Did you know that there are special words called “homophones”? It has nothing to do with phones, if that’s what you thought. Homophones (омонимы)  are words which have absolutely the same pronunciation but different meanings. For example, if you write that you’re so board, people will misunderstand you, because you’re not a board made of wood from a tree, you’re bored, you’re not interested.

Can you find another example in the picture? I’ll give you a hint  – it also has something to do with trees…

There are also words which have almost the same pronunciation, but still sound a bit different. For example, if you say “I want buy this” – it’s incorrect, because you meant “I won’t buy this”. One sound can make a great difference.

So as not to make fools of ourselves and do everything right, let’s find out a little more about…


Right and write


They are homophones. We say them like this: [raɪt]
To write – it’s a verb. Write - wrote - written.

I write e-mails every day. I need to write down some information. Write down = записать.     
What did Shakespeare write?

Right can be a noun, an adverb and an adjective.
As a noun it is право (на что-то).
Barbara Streisand sings: “It’s a right I defend…”

Listen to her over here:


I am a woman in love
And I do anything
To get you into my world
And hold you within
It’s a right I defend
Over and over again
What do I do?


What is the right of every person?
Right can mean correct. This is the right answer.
Are you always right?
We can say “right now”. It means прямо сейчас.
Сделай это – Сделай это правильно – Сделай это прямо сейчас
What do you need to do right now?

Right can mean – направо.

Turn right. She turned right at the crossroads.
No right turn is allowed:

Where do you turn right when you go home?


On the right – справа.
The girl on the right is wearing a cap.
Which girl is prettier – the girl on the right or the girl on the left?

1.    Right and write are homophones: [raɪt]
2.    Write-wrote-written – писать
3.    On the right – справа
4.    Right answer – правильный ответ
5.    Right (noun) – право
6.    Right now – прямо сейчас



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