Psychology club with Lena: How to be creative

Автор: Alina
Mysterious but so desired creative thinking, probably all of you often hear it but hardly ever feel inside. It is something that we admire in people who are bright, free and talented…

This time we tried to turn this unclear ‘magical ability’ into a real and practical tool that we can use in everyday life, tested our ability with the help of the Gilford’s test. We dispelled popular myths about creativity such as ‘not all people are creative’, ‘creative people always have great ideas, ‘creativity is only about art’, ‘creativity depends only on our genes and you can’t influence on it or improve it’. Tried to discover this quality inside us and experience first-hand some creative techniques.

One of the most famous and probably the most useful was Disney creative method with 3 rooms, where we were learning not only how to generate ideas, but also how to turn them into reality. Walt Disney, as you know, was very successful at turning fantasies into life and his famous quote ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’ inspired a lot of people. It is quite useful tool, because it induces parallel thinking and helps our ‘dreamer’ do his job without interference of critics and realists with their doubts and judgments. It could also be a nice exercise to practice improving creativity from time to time and finding the solutions of some everyday problems.

Some more useful advice came up directly during the discussion, such as ‘find what you really want and improve it’, ‘open your inner child anew’ or ‘use your emotions’…

Creativity and innovation are not things that just happen, unfortunately or fortunately. So it is useless just sitting under the apple tree and waiting for the insight. It could happen only after hard work, and requires the right environment and strategy. Some time and effort should be devoted to it and devoted regularly. It could a nice idea to put into your time-table ’15 minutes for creativity exercises’ and train your brain. But if you spend this time it will not be wasted and results you will see very soon.

To help you more with it, here more useful techniques are listed:
1. Different methods to improve your creativity: s
2. Mind-mapping
3. 10 tips to unlock creativity_video
4. TED-talks
5. R.Dilts, a developer, author, trainer and consultant in NLP - 

Believe in yourself, don’t stop dreaming and show the world your creative ideas!

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