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Это очень важная часть речи – как иначе сказать “Я тебя люблю?”
I love you. I – это pronoun, you – это тоже pronoun. Вот видите,  важная тема!

Итак, давайте разберемся, какие есть pronouns.

Subject pronouns
Мы их используем вместо subject.
I am happy.
You are hungry.

You and I are subject pronouns. По сути это местоимения в именительном падеже.
Какие вы еще знаете subject pronouns?


  • I – я (I like this blog )
  • You – ты или вы (You are reading this right now)
  • He – он (He is quite handsome)
  •  She – она (She is so cute!)
  •  It – оно (все неживое и животные – cat, dog, paper) It’s my dog.
  •  They – они (They are listening to an interesting story)
  • We – мы (We study English together)

Object pronouns
Местоимения в непрямых падежах – это object pronouns.
То есть Он любит орехи – He likes nuts – это subject pronoun (he)
А если Я люблю ЕГО – его - это непрямой падеж, это object pronoun (him) : I love him.

Как сказать:


  1. Ты видишь меня?
  2. Он говорит с ней каждый день?
  3. Хочешь пойти с нами?

Here are the answers:

  1. Do you see me? (me – object, you – subject)
  2. Does he talk to her every day? (her – object, he – subject)
  3. Do you want to go with us? (you – subject, us – object)

Possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns

Когда что-то кому-то принадлежит, мы используем possessive adjectives.
This is Jane’s car.
This is HER car.

Her – это possessive adjective. После possessive adjectives we have nouns.

Если мы хотим сказать – Это моя машина, а это – ее, то мы понимаем, что ее МАШИНА. Но мы не хотим опять говорить машина.
Поэтому мы говорим так:
This is my car, and this is hers. Hers = her car. Hers – это possessive pronoun. Ведь pronoun – это местоимение, а когда у нас есть местоимение то noun уже не нужен. После possessive pronoun не используют noun.

It’s my cat. This cat is mine.
This is his house. This house is his.


  • Первая колонка – subject pronouns. Местоимения в прямом падеже.
  • Вторая колонка – object pronouns. Местоимения в непрямых падежах.
  • Третья колонка – possessive adjectives. После них мы используем nouns.
  • Четвертая колонка – possessive pronouns. После них мы не используем nouns.

There are some other pronouns.

Demonstrative pronouns: this, that, these, those.


  • This – что-то в единственном числе (близко). This apple is very tasty. This is very tasty.
  • These – много, близко. These apples are very good. These are very good.
  • That – одно, далеко. That apple is green. That is green.
  • Those – много, далеко. Those apples were very expensive. Those were expensive.

Далеко и близко может быть не только в пространстве, но и во времени.
I was very happy that day. That day – день когда-то далеко, тот день.

Interrogative pronouns – for questions

We use interrogative pronouns to ask questions about a person or a thing.

For example:
1. Who did this? (кто это сделал?)
2. Whom did you meet? (Кого ты встретил?)
3. What did you buy? (что ты купил?)
4. Which sweater should I wear? (Какой свитер мне одеть?) – Which usually means that we have a specific group to choose from. I have three sweaters, and I’m asking which one from this group I should wear.
5. Whose book is this? (Чья это книга?)

Reflexive pronouns


  • John saw me in the mirror.
  • I saw myself in the mirror.

We use reflexive pronouns when the subject and the object are the same.
He saw himself, she sent herself a copy of the document.

There are eight reflexive pronouns:

Sometimes we use “each other” – друг друга. We helped each other – мы помогали друг другу. We can also use “one another”, it means the same thing. They love one another. Они любят друг друга. These words are called “reciprocal pronouns”.

Relative pronouns

We use them in relative clauses:

  • Who – people (Lily is the woman who wrote that wonderful book.)
  • Which – things and animals (The cat which I saw last week was my neighbor’s.)
  • Whose – for possessions (The policeman whose job it was to arrest him, could only watch.)
  • Where – place, area, room etc. (I know the place where they first met.)
  • When – time, day, year etc. (1980 is the year when I went to college.)

Sometimes, we say “that” instead of “which”. This is the book that I told you about.

Practice makes perfect! Don’t forget to do these exercises:
1. Subject pronouns:
2. Object pronouns:
3. Subject or object?
4. Possessive adj and pronouns:
5. Who/which/whose:
6. Reflexive pronouns:
Good luck!

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