I Talk

I Talk. Lena Vynograd about Fears

Lena Vynograd

Розкажи трішки про себе, захоплення, хобі?
Это, оказывается, так сложно в двух словах описать свою жизнь… ну, люблю свою семью и своих друзей, люблю свою работу, люблю ходить в кино, читать, смотреть детективы, кататься на лыжах, путешествовать, еще люблю Вагнера, и Брамса, и Штрауса, и, как ни странно, Роксет, и Jameson с яблочным соком, и Палату №6 на Воровского.

Як потрапила в Грін Форест і як довго вже викладаєш?
В ГФ мне предложила работать Надя Дьячук, я подумала-подумала полгодика и согласилась – и до сих пор считаю это одним из самых важных и правильных решений. А в общей сложности, мы недавно считали, и вышло, что преподаю уже где-то семь лет, и 3 из них в ГФ.

Чому обрала саме цю тему?
В этой рубрике меня попросили поделиться каким-то своим опытом, яркими эмоциями -  и так сложилось, что за последние два года именно путешествия, плаванье и лыжи стали самыми запоминающимися.

Do you panic in the deep water? If yes - we are in the same boat!

Do you get cold feet on top of the mountain? If yes - we are in the same shoes!

Do you get freaked out when you are travelling abroad? If yes – we are in the same street!

I’ve been a chicken since childhood. English people use the name of this lovely tiny bird to describe someone who is not brave enough to ride a bicycle, or drive a car, or move a flat, or quit their job, or live in a different country… basically someone who is not brave enough to live their life… My friend and colleague once told me I am one of two best examples for modal can’t introduction. Let's leave the other name a secret. Now I like to think I’m a good example for “used to” as I used to be afraid to ski, but I’m not anymore. And I used to be afraid to swim, but I’m not anymore. And I used to be afraid to travel, but I’m not anymore. I guess I should actually wear a badge saying “Want to get rid of phobias – ask me how”. And I will tell you it’s not going to be easy all the time but it’s going to be totally worth it!

Last year in Poland I was standing on top of a 13-hundred meter hill wearing skis and feeling sick to my stomach with fear. Somehow I made it down to the foot once, and then again, and then again, and then again…  Yet, the fear remained. I still didn’t know how to control the skis, I didn’t know how to stop on ice, I didn’t know how to manage steep areas… My God, I didn’t even know how to walk in those Goddamn ski boots the right way… Einstein said: insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So here comes my first tip: Go learn! Stop bothering your friends or partners; they won’t be much of a help! Hire an instructor! That’s exactly what I did on coming back to Kiev! You need someone who you can’t whine with, you can’t cry with, you can’t tell you wanna go to Mummy. You need a professional! And after the first class you are too tired to be scared, after the second your mood gets better, after the fourth you are enjoying every descent you are taking.

As for swimming, well, a lot of people say they can swim but are afraid to do that anywhere deep…  That was pretty much my case for a long time. I would get tired and would want to stop; I would get out of breath… And now you’ll think I’ll advise getting back to tip one: Go learn, which is definitely true but didn’t work for me this way though.

This summer in the amazing country called Montenegro I was swimming along the beach line, my feet able to touch the bottom any moment, and at some point I just felt this irresistible urge to change the direction and swim away… and so I did. The feeling of freedom that it brought was awesome! So here comes my tip #2: Sometimes you just need to let it go! Stop worrying, leave it there and it will happen to you. For all the sceptics a swimming pool and a swimming instructor are always a good option, not to mention sexy.

Finally, travelling. We don’t do that because somebody told us we can’t afford it or would never get visas. We don’t do that because our Moms watch horrible news about tourists being kidnapped or killed or at least robbed. We don’t do that because we simply cannot imagine ourselves being out of the restraints of our everyday routine. Well, what can I say? Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right. The time for my Tip 3: Think big! Follow the Adidas advert: impossible is nothing. They gotta be right: they are making good money for God’s sake! 

Oh, yes, and the money thing of course! First, my dear babes in the wood, stop trusting every Tom, Dick and Harry – better trust Google!  Low-cost airlines, special offers in travel agencies, couchsurfing and lots of other stuff is out there for you once you’ve decided to open yourself to the world! So tip 4: Get information! And once again God bless Google, where you can find maps, routes, transport timetables and hundreds of useful recommendations about the place or places you are dreaming to visit.

As many of you I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I have to go through any unfamiliar procedures at the Embassy, or airport, or passport control or customs. And it is nail-biting, I know. But you will just need to do it once to find out that it’s not the end of the world. It is actually the beginning!

So, learn a lot! Ask for help whenever needed! Enjoy what you are doing and do what you enjoy! Keep your mind open! Think big! And let the sky be your limit!

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