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I can talk about ART

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Worksheet: MUSIC. (essential vocabulary)

Shape of my heart’ that’s a pretty old but a lovable song. I understood the meaning of it when I was a first-year student. Until that time I had not fully grasped the title, as well other parts of the lyrics. I knew that it has something to do with cards, but what it was exactly remained a riddle for me.

I believe you know that an English word may have several different meanings (it’s called a polysemantic word). So, the song is about four suits, not clothes but the four types of cards in a set of playing cards. They are: diamonds, clubs, spades and the only one not mentioned is ‘hearts’. That’s why Sting sings that diamonds, clubs and spades are not the shape of his heart, hearts are the shape of his heart. Sorry for tautology.

I guess one may find some other implications in this song. Anyway, I really like it and hope you’ll find it useful.

It was a soundtrack to the film “Léon: The Professional”
"Shape of my heart"











Who is Banksy???










Simpsons - Banksyfilm




Download a great book:
Vocabulary. Music, art, and literature words

P.S. And not watch the video about classical art and modern technologies exemplified by PRADO museum in Google Earth




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