Fun. 27.02.2014

Delicious English - Friday Chicken

Автор: Маргарита Марфенко
Friday Chicken

Pretty sure there is a day in every person`s life when he STOPS, LOOKS BACK and UNDERSTANDS that it`s time to change something.

When I was cooking my previous dish – Fortune cookies I was looking for the new quotes to put in my cookies. And there was one I found that really captured my mind for long. It was about
3 Cs in life:

“You must make a CHOICE, take a CHANCE, CHANGE your life! “

Except the changes that life brings us on everyday basis, there are changes that 100% depend on our decisions! For example, I could keep on (продолжать) cooking dishes that I like, with no changes and no chronology…and basically with no idea - just making photos of how I cook! But here is my choice – I`m changing my strategy now!
Long story short! This chicken recipe is the last one of the recipes from my daily life. Next month there is going to be something new!!! Let it be a SURPRISE FOR YOU, my dear readers)

Ok! The Friday Chiсken!


1 filet of chicken (apr. 300 g.) (филе курицы)
½ red pepper (болгарский перец)
½ carrot (морковь)
1 tbsp. mayonnaise (майонез)
1 egg yolk (желток)
1 tsp. French mustard (французской горчицы)
1 tsp. spice for meat (with salt) (специя для мяса с солью)
1 stripe of puff pastry – 25*15 sm. long (слоеное тесто)
olive oil (масло для обжарки)

How to..

 1) Cut your chicken filet on equal stripes apr. 7sm. long. Put them in a plate.

 2) Make a sauce: mix together mayonnaise, egg yolk, mustard and spices for meat with salt in a separate bowl.

3) Pour in your sauce on the chicken stripes and mix it well. Leave for 5-7 min.

 4) Meanwhile, cut on small cubes red pepper and carrot. Fry the vegetables on the olive oil for 5 min. Remove from the heat.

 5) Cut pastry on 5-6 stripes and put them on the baking pan. Press the edges of each stripe using a fork. (с помощью вилки).

 6) Take your marinated chicken and fry each stripe (полосочку мяса) for 2 min on both sides (с обоих сторон).

 7) Put the chicken stripes on your pastry. Season (присыпать) with vegetables. And put it in the oven for 10-15 min at 180C.

Enjoy your Friday Chicken! 

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