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Prepositions of place

Автор: Grammar Teacher
“The scariest thing in the world is to not know your place.”

Hi, guys =)
Today I would like to tell you about prepositions of place.
Итак, что же такое эти prepositions of place? Prepositions of place are the words we use when мы хотим показать где что. Например, чашка на столе. НА – it’s a preposition of place.
Так какие prepositions of place do you already know?
Here’s a list I have:

  • At
  • In
  • On
  • On top of
  • Behind
  • Between
  • Next to
  • Under
  • Above
  • Over
  • By
  • Through
  • Inside
  • In front of
  • Beside
  • Opposite

And so on =)
Сколько этих words do you already know?

А теперь let’s look at each of them по очереди.

Prepositions of place делятся на two categories: prepositions of movement и prepositions of exact place.

Prepositions of movement tell us the direction (направление). Prepositions of exact place tell us где exactly находится наш object.

Let’s look at prepositions of NO movement:

This is a cupcake:

This is a box:
We have a cupcake and a box.


In the first picture, the cupcake is IN the box. (внутри)

In the second picture, the cupcake is ON the box. What is ON? It’s на коробке.

What is below? Look at the third picture. You’re right! Below = под. We can also say that the cupcake is under the box.

What is above? Guess from the fourth picture. The cupcake is above the box, and the box is below the cupcake.

Above and below are opposites (противоположны) по значению.

Next we have “near”. What is near? It’s a synonym of “by” and “next to”. Look at the picture. How can we translate “near”? Правильно, рядом!
So the cupcake is next to the box. The box is near the cupcake.

Next we have “far”. The cupcake is far from the box. It is not near the box, it’s far from it.
Near and far are opposites. Far – далеко.

The next two are “behind” and “in front of”. Do you think they have the same meaning or different meanings?

They have opposite meanings. The cupcake is in front of the box, and the box is behind the cupcake. In front of = перед, behind = за.

In the last line of pictures we have “among”, “around”, “between” and “opposite”.
What is around? We have a pink cupcake, and many yellow cupcakes AROUND the pink cupcake. Around = вокруг.

In the next picture, we have a lot of yellow cupcakes and one pink cupcake among the yellow ones. You’re right! Among= среди.

In the next picture with the three cupcakes we have two yellow cupcakes and one pink cupcake BETWEEN the yellow cupcakes.
So, between = между

And in the last picture, we have two cupcakes. They are opposite each other, they are напротив друг друга.

Why did I skip the third line of pictures? Yes, because they are prepositions of movement, they show the direction.

Here are some prepositions of movement and their meanings:

And now, here are the three general prepositions of place которые нужно знать каждому уважающему себя Englishman.
Итак, we use:

  • at for a POINT (конкретное место – мы точно знаем где)
  • in for an ENCLOSED SPACE (замкнутоепространство)
  • on for a SURFACE (поверхность)

Here are some examples:


-    Jane is in France right now. (France – замкнутое пространство)
-    I’m waiting for you at the bus stop. (остановка – конкретное место в пространстве)
-    Where is the clock? It is on the wall. (стена – поверхность)

And here are some standard expressions with AT, IN and ON:


-    I saw a bird in the sky.
-    Is there any water at the bottom of the bottle?
-    Don’t worry, I’m on the way!

И, взаключение, sing this song together with me:

Wanna practice?
Here are some exercises:

  1. Fill in the gaps:
  2. Watch the video and do the exercise:
  3. Choose the correct answer:
  4. At, in or on? Fill in the gaps



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