Актуальные новости на английском с подробным переводом и объяснениями.

Top News. Howdy, Ho, Ho. Техасский Санта любит свое хобби
It’s the last issue of Tuesday Newsday this year. And since we are on the verge of starting a holiday season with Christmas lights, presents and carols, I decided that this Associated Press news story about Santa from Texas will be perfect to get us into the holiday mood. Let’s meet Santa…
Top News. Рождественские огни
December is that time of the year. It gets cold and quite unpleasant to go outside. So what can cheer one up better than Christmas season? Christmas lights and trees can be seen everywhere. And some places have much more of them than the others. Watch this ABC News’s video to find out, where is…
Читай новости и учи английский – Когда индейка получает помилование президента
The fourth Thursday of November is a great day for all the Americans all over the world – Thanksgiving Day. At the same time it’s one of the saddest days for all American turkeys. Well, almost. Two of them were not only spared, but also got to meet the President. CBS will tell us what a…
Top News. Годовщина смертельного голода 1930-х годов в Украине
Holodomor is a great tragedy in the history of Ukraine. And I find it really important that not only we, Ukrainians, but also other nations recognize it as one and talk about it. That’s why I suggest watching this VOA news story about the commemoration of 1932-33 Holodomor victims. Background…
Новости. NBC News: Rosetta Lander “Philae” Lands on Comet
Last week the scientists and space fans all over the world had a possibility to witness a big step in the exploring of space live on TV. NBC News story will explain us what it was and how it can help us solve the biggest mystery of life. Don’t miss an extra video from BBC which will explain what…
Читай новости и учи английский – Some Debate Nostalgia for East Germany
Last week Germany commemorated a great event in their history – the fall of the Berlin Wall. And though East Germany was not a happy place, a lot of people feel nostalgic about those times (which reminds me a bit of the USSR nostalgia in Ukraine). This VOA video will explain what people miss and…
Новости. NYT: Halloween’s Ice Queen, Elsa From ‘Frozen’
Last Friday the Halloween was rocking the night with all the fun and scary costumes and parties. The usual witches, vampires, pumpkins and superheroes were all over the place. But there was one more character that managed to win the love of every little girl and make it to the Halloween dress up party…
Новости. ABC News: Parents Sued For Kids’ Facebook Prank
Social media is not only a way to stay connected to people you like but also a really dangerous tool for those who don’t like you. This week’s story is about a girl suing her classmate and his parents over a Facebook prank. Some legal vocabulary and another point for the parents to think…
Читай новости и учи английский – The youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner
One of the most extraordinary and inspiring stories last week was about this amazing young girl from Pakistan, Malala Yousafzai who became a Nobel Peace Prize winner at the age of 17. Watch the CBS Evening News story about Malala and her co-winner from India Kailash Satyarthi. Background – names,…
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