Актуальные новости на английском с подробным переводом и объяснениями.

Новости. ABC News: Containing the Ebola Outbreak
Last week I was on 5 different flights in 2 days, which made me think about Ebola outbreak in a slightly different way. With all the air travel the world has become really small, but at the same time the chance of spreading all sorts of diseases has definitely increased. That’s why I ended up…
Новости. CBS This Morning: Language of Food
This week I decided to let you watch a video about something as ordinary as menus and food. There’s nothing sensational about this report but it might help you to find quite a decent place to grab a bite. So let’s watch CBS This Morning talk to the author of “Language of Food: A Linguist…
Новости. VOA: Scotland Votes No
One of the biggest news last week was the referendum on Independence of Scotland. And even though we already know the results (Scotland voted No), let’s see what the VOA will tell us about this referendum and its consequences for the UK and the world. Background – names, organizations and…
UT: Гогольфест и размышления о войне
Dear readers, welcome back to our Tuesday Newsday. A lot has happened since our last news video. Unfortunately, not many of them made us feel optimistic. But there are some positive changes too. One of them is a Ukrainian English-speaking channel – Ukraine Today. If you still haven’t heard…
Новости. CNN: “Bearded lady” wins Eurovision contest
This week’s Newsday is going to be the last one this semester. We are going to watch a CNN’s video about Eurovision and widely discussed Conchita Wurst. Also don’t miss the job interview for one of the toughest positions in the world =) Background – names, organizations and event…
Новости. ABC: From Pope to Saint
Last weekend an unprecedented event took place in Vatican: two Popes were made saints at the same time. Watch the ABC coverage and find out what it was like. Also don’t miss a man talking to his hand in a bonus video from BBC=) Background – names, organizations and event you should know…
Новости. BBC: Obituary: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Last week Gabriel Garcia Marquez died in Mexico. He was 87. He was and will always be one of the greatest writers not only in Latin America, but all over the world as well. BBC prepared this Obituary to honor the life and work of this great man. Background – names, organizations and event you…
Новости. CNN: Generation Selfie: we do it better
I found this little kind of a news video – actually not news, and more like an opinion – about selfies. A lot of people consider it trendy, at the same time twice as much think it’s stupid. What do CNN people think? Let’s see. Background – names, organizations and event…
Новости. Sky News: Kate and William Arrive in New Zealand
This royal madness doesn’t seem to be over soon. The royal wedding, the royal baby and now the royal baby’s first overseas visit. Well, I will give in to this royal craze and offer you a news clip from Sky News about little Prince George and his visit to New Zealand. And stay tuned for good-bye…
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