Psychology club with Lena: Как справиться со стрессом

Автор: Alina

Я рада, что после напряженной рабочей недели мы решили уделить немного времени разговорному клубу, прийти и поделиться идеями, обсудить самые полезные техники преодоления стресса. Просто выдохнуть и подумать, что и как изменить.

Что такое стресс? Что вызывает стресс? Это одинаково для всех? Всегда ли это плохо? Обсудим далее на английском.

Stress management starts with identifying the sources of stress in your life. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. One of the method is to start a stress-journal, where you’ll write down what caused your stress, how you felt, both physically and emotionally, how you acted in response, what you did to make yourself feel better.

Besides, it is useful to analyze your personal reaction on stress, because it is not common for everybody. In brainstorming in groups the most stressful situation we observed with our own eyes the huge difference between our perceptions, for example stupid drivers on the road can be very stressful for ones and raise nothing except irritation in others.  In the middle of discussion we came to the conclusion that stress is it not always bad. Wedding, birth of a child, big surprises in all these cases our body reacts the same with tension and heart-beating. Stress is like a spice - in the right proportion it add the flavor to a dish; too much may spoil it.

During this meeting we managed to discuss not only common healthy stress-coping strategies such as sport, communication with friends and breathing method but also found out a creative one like singing in a boat. Moreover, we were able to try one meditation exercise with the help of simple apple.

For those who were not able to come to this meeting below I listed more healthy ways of coping with stress, we discussed this time:

  1. learn how to say “no”;
  2. avoid people who stress you out;
  3. take control of your environment;
  4. express your feelings;
  5. try to find a compromise;
  6. mange your time better;
  7. change your attitude to the problem;
  8. focus on the positive;
  9. don’t try to control the uncontrollable;
  10. do something you enjoy every day.

Hope they will be useful for you.

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