English for Success. Волшебное слово

Автор: LalpCariaPZ

Секрет успеха №2 – это слово. Но слово не простое, а волшебное. Благодаря этому слову, ты сможешь изменить свою жизнь. Это слово пробуждает в сердцах других людей  уважение, любовь и просто радость, а также наполняет твое сердце любовью, а жизнь - процветанием. Что же это за слово?

Это слово – СПАСИБО. Быть благодарным за все – это и есть секрет успеха №2. Самые успешные люди нашей планеты постоянно пользуются этим законом. Возможно, тебе сегодня кажется, что у тебя все настолько плохо, что и благодарить –то  нет за что. А вот жаловаться мы можем по любому поводу. Так вот, это просто уловка мозга, которому проще пожаловаться, придумать отговорки, чем поменять привычное движение мыслей.  Если ты смотрел фильм «Секрет», то ты знаешь о задании, которое там предлагают сделать. Взять лист бумаги, ручку и начать со слов: «Я счастлив(а) и благодарен(на) за то, что …» При этом писать надо в настоящем времени даже о тех вещах, которых у тебя еще нет, но о которых ты мечтаешь. Это задание приблизит тебя к твоим целям и мечтам.

А если тебе действительно трудно придумать за что быть благодарным, то вот 60 things to be grateful for in life. Ими любезно поделился автор блога tinybuddha.

Here are sixty things to be grateful for in our lives:

1. Your parents - for giving birth to you. Because if there is no them, there will not be you.

2. Your family – for being your closest kin (родня) in the world.

3. Your friends – for being your companions in life.

4. Sense of sight – for letting you see the colors of life.

5. Sense of hearing - for letting you hear trickle of rain (капли дождя), the voices of your loved ones, and the harmonious chords of music.

6. Sense of touch - for letting you feel the texture of your clothes, the breeze of the wind, the hands of your loved ones.

7. Sense of smell – for letting you smell scented (душистый) candles, perfumes, and beautiful flowers in your garden.

8. Sense of taste – for letting you savor (наслаждаться) the sweetness of fruits, the saltiness of seawater, the sourness of pickles (кислинка соленых огурцов), the bitterness of bitter gourd (тыква), and the spiciness of chili.

9. Your speech – for giving you the outlet to express yourself.

10. Your heart – for pumping blood to all the parts of your body every second since you were born; for giving you the ability (возможность) to feel.

11. Your lungs – for letting you breathe so you can live.

12. Your immune system – for fighting viruses that enter your body. For keeping you in the pink of your health so you can do the things you love.

13. Your hands – so you can type on your computer, flip the pages of books, and hold the hands of your loved ones.

14. Your legs - for letting you walk, run, swim, play the sports you love, and curl up in the comfort of your seat.

15. Your mind - for the ability to think, to store memories, and to create new solutions (решения).

16. Your good health – for enabling you to do what you want to do and for what you’re about to do in the future.

17. Your school - for providing a environment conducive (способствует) to learning and growing.

18. Your teachers – for their dedication and for passing down knowledge to you.

19. Tears – for helping you express your deepest emotions.

20. Disappointment - so you know the things that matter to you most.

21. Fears – so you know your opportunities for growth.

22. Pain – for you to become a stronger person.

23. Sadness – for you to appreciate (ценить) the spectrum of human emotions.

24. Happiness – for you to soak in the beauty of life.

25. The Sun - for bringing in light and beauty to this world.

26. Sunset – for a beautiful sight to end the day.

27. Moon and Stars - for brightening up our night sky.

28. Sunrise - for a beautiful sight to start the morning.

29. Rain – for cooling you when it gets too warm and for making it comfy to sleep in on weekends.

30. Snow – for making winter even more beautiful.

31. Rainbows – for a beautiful sight to look forward to after rain.

32. Oxygen - for making life possible.

33. The earth – for creating the environment for life to begin.

34. Mother nature - for covering our world in beauty.

35. Animals – for adding to the diversity of life.

36. Internet - for connecting you and others despite the physical space between you.

37. Transport - for making it easier to commute (добираться) from one place to another.

38. Mobile phones – for making it easy to stay in touch with others.

39. Computers – for making our lives more effective and efficient.

40. Technology – for making impossible things possible.

41. Movies – for providing a source of entertainment.

42. Books – for adding wisdom into your life.

43. Blogs – for connecting you with other like-minded people.

44. Shoes – for protecting your feet when you are out.

45. Time – for a system to organize yourself and keep track of activities.

46. Your job – for giving you a source of living and for being a medium where you can add value to the world.

47. Music - for lifting your spirits when you’re down and for filling your life with more love.

48. Your bed - for you to sleep comfortably in every night.

49. Your home - for a place you can call home.

50. Your soul mate – for being the one who understands everything you’re going through.

51. Your best friends – for being there for you whenever you need them.

52. Your enemies – for helping you uncover your blind spots (раскрыть свои слабые места) so you can become a better person.

53. Kind strangers – for brightening up your days when you least expect it.

54. Your mistakes - for helping you to improve and become better.

55. Heartbreaks - for helping you mature (зреть) and become a better person.

56. Laughter - for serenading your life with joy.

57. Love - for letting you feel what it means to truly be alive.

58. Life’s challenges - for helping you grow who you are.

59. Life - for giving you the chance to experience all that you’re experiencing, and will be experiencing in time to come.

And last but not least…

60. You - for being who you are and touching the world with your presence.

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