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Top News. Борьба авиакомпаний за безопасность


Last week a huge tragedy did not only shock the whole world but also made everyone think how safe it is to fly. You never know who has a control over your plane after all. CBS explains in details about safety measures and pilots’ health checks in this story.  


Background information:
Co-pilot – the assistant pilot on an airplane, who aids or relieves the pilot
Cockpit – the area in a plane where the pilot sits
Bulletproof materials – materials that are designed to stop bullets from going through them
Airplane cabin – an area inside a plane where the passengers sit
Flight attendant – someone who serves food and drinks to passengers on a plane, and looks after their comfort and safety
Relief pilot – a third pilot that is present on board when the flight is longer than 8 hours.
Aviation Safety Network – the resource center for aircraft accidents and civil aviation safety issues. 


In order to understand this video we’ll need to know the following words. 

На прошлой неделе страшная трагедия не только шокировала весь мир, но и заставила задуматься, насколько безопасно летать. Ведь никогда не знаешь, кто контролирует самолет. CBS подробно объясняет меры безопасности и систему проверки пилотов в этом репортаже.


Полезная информация:
Co-pilot –  второй пилот – второй пилот на борту, помогает или заменяет пилота
Cockpit – кубрик – часть самолета, где находится пилот
Bulletproof materials – пуленепробиваемые материалы – материалы, которые были созданы, чтобы останавливать пули
Airplane cabin – кабина самолета – часть самолета, где находятся пассажиры
Flight attendant – бортпроводник – тот, кто подает еду и напитки, а также обеспечивает комфорт и безопасность пассажиров во время полета
Relief pilot  –  третий пилот, находящийся на борту самолета, если рейс длиться дольше 8 часов
Aviation Safety Network – информационный центр, отслеживающий авиакатастрофы и вопросы безопасности гражданской авиации


Для того, чтобы понять видео, вам понадобятся следующие слова.




(here) to be taken by the police

(здесь) удален


on purpose (something is applied to what is definitely intended or done on purpose)


to be sure

to be confident in what you think or know


to be fit

to be suitable for something



on purpose (something is done not hastily but with full realization of what one is doing)

намеренно, сознательно


compulsory; required by law



made stronger with additional materials


to seal off

blocked from something



a compromise


to screen

to evaluate or investigate as part of methodical survey


to undergo

to experience something (like examination, experiment etc.) 

поддаваться, проходить

to slip through the cracks

go past the elements that are intended to catch or detect such things

проникнуть, проскочить

to disclose

to make known

раскрывать (информацию)


And now replace the highlighted phrases in the following sentences by the ones we learnt. If you have difficulties with the task, try watching and inserting necessary phrases at the same time.


to be fit
to be sure

А теперь замените выделенные фразы в этих предложениях те, что мы изучили. Если у вас возникли проблемы с этой задачей, попробуйте еще раз посмотреть видео и одновременно вставлять необходимые фразы.


to disclose
to screen
to seal off
to slip through the cracks
to undergo

1.    German investigators are going through items confiscated from the homes of Andreas Lubitz.
2.    Lubitz with his own intention sent that plane speeding into a French mountain.
3.    Revelations force the regulators to look more closely at how to confirm pilots are suitable to fly.
4.    After the French prosecutor revealed yesterday that he believes the co-pilot on purpose crashed the plane some European airlines made it required for two people to be in a cockpit at all times.
5.    On airlines in the United States, the cockpit door is made stronger with bulletproof material and a series of locks keep the pilots blocked from the cabin and crew.
6.    Administrator says there are compromises in the security measures.
7.    Before they are hired, US commercial pilots are checked and evaluated. 
8.    On the job they pass medical exams every six months for pilots 40 or older and every year for those younger. 
9.    Do you think that’s possible that pilots with depression are bypassing the system and getting behind the controls?
10.    You’re legally required to tell those things.




According to the  Aviation Safety Network worldwide there have been at least 9 pilot suicides since 1976.

According to many English dictionaries “according to” is used when we want to report what someone says.
“According to the Aviation Safety Network” means that the following information comes from them, they told us about it.
We can say “according to” when we want to refer to books or documents as well.
According to the map, we are almost there. (the map told us that).
But if you want to sound informal you can replace it with the following:
Noun + says
Google says, Aviation Safety Network reports accidents. (for example)

NOTE: if you want to emphasize the fact that what you say is your opinion, it’s better to say “In my opinion,”
In my opinion, last week’s tragedy was horrible. 
We don’t say “according to me” or “according to us” just as we don’t say “according to … opinion” 



Согласно многим словарям английского языка "according to" используется, когда мы хотим передать слова других людей.
"According to the Aviation Safety Network" означает, что следующая информация поступила от них, они нам ее сообщили.
Мы можем говорить "according to", когда ссылаемся на книги и документы тоже.
According to the map, we are almost there. (Согласно карте, мы почти на месте).
Но если хотите разговаривать неформально, можете заменить ее следующим:
Существительное + говорит
Гугл говорит, что Aviation Safety Network reports accidents. (например)

ВНИМАНИЕ: если хотите подчеркнуть, что это ваше мнение, лучше сказать "In my opinion," (по моему мнению)
In my opinion, трагедия на прошлой неделе была ужасной.
Мы не говорим "according to me" (согласно со мной) или "according to us" (согласно с нами), так же, как и не говорим "according to ... opinion» (согласно с моим мнением).


Language Task 


Rewrite the following phrases with according to.
1.    Teacher says, we can read really fast. According to…
2.    The President says it’s going to be ok. According to…
3.    The policeman said they caught the robber. According to…
4.    My mom says that I don’t eat well. According to…
5.    My colleagues say that I am always late. According to…

I’m waiting for your answers in the comments or my e-mail: [email protected]


PS. Last Saturday the world celebrated the Earth Hour. Reuters showed us which cities supported the initiative. Now, did you turn your lights out?

Жду ваши ответы в комментариях или по электронному адресу:  [email protected]


ЗЫ: На прошлой неделе мир отмечал Час Земли. Reuters показали нам, какие города поддержали инициативу. А вы выключали свет?

Answers to the previous issue about BBC: Solar Eclipse

Vocabulary Task Keys

1.    shimmering
2.    plunge into
3.    chunk 
4.    noticeably 
5.    once-in-a-lifetime
6.    bother
7.    amply rewarded 
8.    glimpse 
9.    casting shadow
10.    extent
11.    magnificence 

Language Task Keys.

1.    She is too young to drive.
2.    I am too lazy to stand up and cook.
3.    It’s too old to be sold.
4.    He is too smart to argue with.
5.    It’s too long to read in a week. 

Here you can download the script to the video!

Prepared by Olha Yankova

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