The first meetings of Psychology speaking club

Автор: Alina
     The previous two meetings of Psychology Speaking Club showed that even such common things as memory and emotions can be seen from different sometimes even unpredictable sides. Early Memories’ interpretation, false memories, unwanted or repressed memories…and it’s not the whole list of discussed questions. How not to agree here with Daniel Harms that memory is a weird thing?
     During the first meeting we were able to test out memory, got to know the technique of the person with extraordinary memory, shared our personal ones and discuss the most useful. Tried to understand whether photographical memory is a curse or a blessing and learned some new expressions. There were a lot of speaking and interaction this time and the club fully lived up to its title.
     Last time we touched one of the most fragile things, our feelings and emotions; shared with each other the brightest moments from our past; discussed the danger of repressing emotions, the importance and the ways of releasing them; spoke about the problems of modern society connected with expression of their feelings; analyzed why some modern people don’t feel their feelings, looking through different stereotypes and touched base such popular topic as the Emotional Intelligence. And for the last bit, we got some tips how to benefit from such string feeling as anger. Of course, it could not go without a heated discussion about whether we should share our fear, anger or frustration with people who surround us. Next meeting is supposed to be not less thought-provoking, as the topic would be stress.

Here are some useful links that are connected with discussed topics:
1)    Short term memory tips, methods and techniques:
2)    Interesting facts about memory in quiz
3)  How to identify emotions and read faces (and learn new vocabulary)

Интенсивный курс
ул. Льва Толстого 9-а, 3 эт.
Пн.-Пт.: 12:00-20:00
Нд.: 10:00-15:00
Стандартный курс
ул. Рогнединская, 4а
Пн.-Пт.: 08:00/09:00-11:00, 13:00-21:30
Сб.: 10:00-15:00
ул. Гришка, 6а.
Пн., Ср.: 08:00-20:30
Вт., Чт., Пт.: 09:00-20:30
Сб.: 09:00-15:00
ул. Митрополита Андрея Шептицкого, 4, оф. 32 (8 этаж), ТОЦ «Комод». (Вход через бизнес-центр)
Пн.-Пт..: 09:00-19:00
ул. Пирогова, 4/26
Пн., Ср., Пт.: 10:00-18:00
Вт., Чт.: 12:00-20:00
ул. Хорива, 1-а
Пн.-Пт.: 12:00-20:00
Сб.: 10:00-15:00